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Change in Number of Shares in Nanologica AB

The number of shares in Nanologica AB (publ) has changed during the month of February as a result of options from the stock option program 2018/21 being exercised.   A share-based incentive program of a maximum of 483 883 options was decided by the Annual General Meeting May 31, 2018. The program expires July 1st, 2021 and the options may be exercised any time before that to a strike price of SEK 9.3. According to the

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Förändring av antal aktier i Nanologica AB

Översättning Delar av Nanologicas optionsprogram 2018/21 har lösts in av optionsinnehavarna, vilket medför en ökning av antalet aktier i bolaget med 17 630 till 27 794 480 aktier. Aktiekapitalet ökar som en följd av detta med 7 228,79 SEK till 11 396 509,12 SEK.   Vid Nanologicas årsstämma den 31 maj 2018 beslutades om att inrätta ett incitamentsprogram om maximalt 484 883 teckningsoptioner för bolagets anställda. Varje teckningsoption ger rätten att teckna en aktie i bolaget till en teckningskurs

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Nanologica Recruits SVP Sales and Senior Advisor for Chromatography

Nanologica has recruited Dr. PK Dutta as SVP Sales and Senior Advisor for the business area of chromatography. Dr. PK Dutta will focus on sales growth of Nanologica’s chromatography products primarily in the US.   To accelerate sales of chromatography products following the successful upscaling of Nanologica’s silica towards ton scale, Dr. Dutta has been recruited as SVP Sales and Senior Advisor. The position includes leading efforts and strategy for market growth in direct and indirect

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Nanologica rekryterar SVP Sales and Senior Advisor för kromatografi

Nanologica har rekryterat Dr. PK Dutta till positionen som SVP Sales and Senior Advisor för affärsområdet kromatografi. Dr. PK Dutta kommer att fokusera på försäljningstillväxt av Nanologicas produkter för kromatografi primärt i USA.   För att accelerera försäljningen av kromatografiprodukter, efter den lyckade uppskalningen av Nanologicas silikaproduktion till tonskala, har Dr. Dutta rekryterats som SVP Sales and Senior Advisor. Rollen innefattar att sätta strategier för tillväxt, samt leda direkt och indirekt försäljning med fokus på Nordamerika.

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Nanologica Signs Collaboration Agreement with Zentiva for the use of NLAB Drug Delivery Platforms

A collaboration agreement for the use of the NLAB drug delivery platforms has been signed with Zentiva, a pharmaceutical company operating in Europe and beyond. The aim of this collaboration agreement is to simplify the contract process for future product-specific agreements.    The agreement gives Zentiva the right to use the NLAB drug delivery platforms for multiple drug development projects. Project specific agreements will be signed separately under this collaboration agreement. ” We first met Zentiva

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Test Material from Large Scale Production Approved

The first batch of test material from the large-scale production of Nanologica AB’s silica has been approved. The quality of the material produced at the CMO Sterling Pharma Solutions in the UK is identical to the material produced at Nanologica’s plant in Södertälje. In December 2020, the first batch of test material from the upscaling to large-scale production of Nanologica’s silica was delivered. Rigorous quality testing of the silica now confirms identical quality to the

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