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Nanologica Delivers Silica to Latin-American Customer for Production of Insulin

As a result of Nanologica’s product in preparative chromatography, NLAB Saga®, reaching internal quality requirements, silica is now delivered to a customer in Latin America for production of diabetes drugs. The customer is a latin-american pharmaceutical manufacturer that manufactures, among other things, insulin and insulin analogues. This delivery refers to silica for the production of

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In Chromatography, Nanologica aims to make insulin and other diabetes drugs available to more patients in need by lowering the manufacturing costs. Thanks to Nanologica’s proprietary silica manufacturing process, the company can provide products with high performance as well as chemical and mechanical stability. This results in lower production costs for the company’s customers as the products last longer and make the purification process more efficient.

Nanologica’s purification media NLAB Saga® has been developed to meet the requirements of industrial purification, primarily to suit purification processes for insulin and other peptides.


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Nanologica focuses its Drug Development business on inhaled drugs and respiratory diseases. The company’s platform technology is being developed both in internal projects and together with pharmaceutical partners, to reformulate active pharmaceutical ingredients, APIs, that in current formulations do not provide optimal treatment for patients. 

By reformulating clinically proven APIs into inhaled formulations, Nanologica may significantly improve patients’ quality of life and/or enable local treatment to the lung where today only systemic treatment is available. The goal is to provide a platform technology that enables improved or completely new treatments for patients with severe lung diseases.

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Redeye Growth Day June 1st

Nanologica will participate at Redeye Growth Day 2023 on June 1st. CEO Andreas Bhagwani will present at 11.35. The In Focus interview is live broadcasted at

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Nanologica AB (publ) has decided to focus on Chromatography and the management team is adapted to reflect the new business focus.

In order to create the best conditions for success in preparative chromatography, the company’s operations are focused on Chromatography and the Drug Development operations are down-prioritized and placed in subsidiaries for future opportunities. The management team is adapted to reflect this and CSO Gary Pitcairn and VP Drug Development Ulf Ericsson will leave the company

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After successfully implementing fine-tuning in production, Nanologica’s product now meets the company’s own requirements for quality in all evaluated parameters. The company is therefore continuing to formally approve products to be able delivery to customers progressively. ”After making further fine-tunings in one of the production steps, we now have a product that we are satisfied

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Presentation of Nanologica

Company presentation made by CEO Andreas Bhagwani on August 24, 2022.
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