Interim Report Jan-Jun 2021 Nanologica AB (publ)

FINANCIAL SUMMARY Net sales for the quarter amounted to TSEK 4,497 (4,321) and for the half-year to TSEK 10,119 (7,975) The operating result for the quarter amounted to -8,094 TSEK (-4,097) and for the half-year to -14,862 TSEK (-10,129) Result after tax for the quarter amounted to -9,216 TSEK (-4,168) and for the half-year to

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Delårsrapport jan-jun 2021 Nanologica AB (publ)

FINANSIELL SAMMANFATTNING  Nettoomsättningen för andra kvartalet uppgick till 4 497 TSEK (4 321) och för halvåret till 10 119 TSEK (7 975) Rörelseresultatet för kvartalet uppgick till -8 094 TSEK (-4 097) och för halvåret till -14 862 TSEK (-10 129) Resultatet efter skatt för kvartalet uppgick till -9 216 TSEK (-4 168) och för

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CEO Comment Second Quarter 2021

LARGE-SCALE PRODUCTION AND TOXICITY STUDIES Production of the company’s silica for preparative chromatography in large scale proceeds according to plan. Commercial material is expected to be delivered at the end of the year, after which the company can start delivering on customer agreements. At the same time, we continue to strengthen our platform in inhalation

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Presentation of Nanologica

Company presentation made by CEO Andreas Bhagwani on May 28, 2019.
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