About nanologica

Nanologica is a Swedish nanotechnology company that manufactures and sells nanoporous silica particles for life science applications. The company is world-leading in the development of silica particles for purification by chromatography.

Silica particles are visible as a fine white powder. The particles are spherical, have a smooth surface, and are fully porous creating a large surface area.


Better and cheaper medicine to a larger number of patients.


We aim to make diabetes and obesity medicines available to more patients by providing products that can lower the manufacturing costs of these drugs.


Nanologica works to establish a rapidly growing, sustainable and profitable business within chromatography by providing products for the purification of substances in pharmaceutical production. Main focus is peptide-based drugs such as insulin and GLP-1 analogues. 

Sales are conducted directly and together with partners on all major markets – India, China, the US, and Europe.

Chromatography is a widely used technique for separating components in a mixture. Nanologica is active mainly in preparative chromatography, which is used by pharmaceutical manufacturers for the purification of drugs during production. The company’s products are mainly used in the purification of peptide drugs such as insulin and GLP-1 analogues. Due to their properties and high quality, they can streamline production processes and reduce costs for peptide drug manufacturers.

A proprietary production method allows the company to precisely control the shape, size, porosity, and surface properties of silica particles, enabling the creation of world-class products that can purify more effectively and that last longer. This can significantly reduce production costs and increase productivity for pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Nanologica has a pilot plant in Södertälje for production of silica on a small scale, customer support, and research and development of new products, while large-scale production of silica takes place at a contract manufacturer in the UK.

Nanologica’s share (NICA) is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm Main Market since 2022.