Story of Nanologica

Story of nanologica

Nanologica was established in 2004 and stems from research within material sciences connected to Dr. Alfonso Garcia-Bennett’s research on the synthesis, analysis and characterization of new porous materials.

Through the two business areas, Drug Development and Chromatography, the company strives towards increasing the accessibility for innovative treatments and medicines in healthcare, for the benefit of patients around the world.

In Chromatography, the company aims to make insulin and other diabetes drugs available to more patients in need by providing a purification product that lowers manufacturing cost by being more efficient and lasting longer than competitors’.

In Drug Development, Nanologica develops a unique drug delivery platform for local delivery of drugs to the lung. Drug substances are loaded inside the pores of silica particles and in this way, the solubility and bioavailability of a drug substance can be improved, substances can be protected from degradation, and more types of substances, among which biologics, can be formulated for inhalation. The platform for inhalation is developed to provide new treatment options for patients with severe lung diseases.


Nanologica has a small research and production facility at the headquarter in Södertälje, where development of new products and production of silica in small scale is conducted. Since 2019, the company has invested in large-scale production capacity at a contract manufacturer in Great Britain. The large-scale facility has successfully produced material that is identical to the material produced at the pilot plant in Södertälje.

Nanologica’s business model combines financial stability with great potential. The chromatography business is developed to continuously generate a stable and growing cash flow, while a great potential for large occasional revenues is assessed to lie within the business area of drug development.

Nanologica has a proven ability to identify and develop strong product concepts. In order to create the best possible preconditions for development and growth, Nanologica has at times chosen to spin out business concepts into separate entities. The first was Exeger (solar cells for indoor use) in 2011, and the second was Sigrid Therapeutics (treatment for obesity) in 2014. In 2015 the Company’s share (NICA) was listed for trade on Spotlight Stock Market and since March 29, 2022 the share is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm Main Market.