Story of Nanologica

Story of nanologica

Nanologica is a nanotechnology company developing nanoporous silica particles for applications within life science. The Company’s mission is to contribute to providing better and cheaper treatments for patients worldwide through the technology platform NLAB Silica™.

Nanologica was founded in 2004 based on research performed at Stockholm University and the Ångström laboratories at Uppsala University. The development of the Company has led to Nanologica being world leading in controlling shape, porosity and surface characteristics of silica particles. This competency is applied within two business areas – chromatography and drug development.

The History of Nanologica

In chromatography, which is a separation and purification technique for pharmaceutical products in development and in production, Nanologica has developed a line of products with stellar performance and longer lifetime than competitors. The Company now has recurrent sales of the analytical columns, with China as the largest market, and has recently entered the preparativ chromatography market. To be able to serve the preparative market, large scale production of Nanologica’s silica has started at the contract manufacturer Sterling Pharma Solutions in the UK.

In drug development, Nanologica works with partner projects as well as in-house projects, with the aim of improving existing drugs or developing new drugs to address unmet medical needs of patients. The continuous development of the Company’s technology platform has led to a transition from primarily evaluation projects to product projects, which has brought the Company’s technology closer to the market and transformed the business area from drug delivery to drug development.


Business Model Nanologica

Nanologica’s business model combines financial stability with great potential. The chromatography business is developed to continuously generate a stable and growing cash flow, while a great potential for large occasional revenues is assessed to lie within the business area of drug development.

Nanologica has a proven ability to identify and develop strong product concepts. In order to create the best possible preconditions for development and growth, Nanologica has at times chosen to spin out business concepts into separate entities. The first was Exeger, solar cells for indoor use in 2011, and the second was Sigrid Therapeutics, treatment for obesity in 2014. In 2015 the Company’s share (NICA) was listed for trade on Spotlight Stock Market.