NLAB Saga®

NLAB Saga® is a perfectly spherical, fully porous silica with superior mechanical stability and exceptional
chemical stability at high and low pH, making it an
optimum choice for large scale purification of peptides.


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Interview with Katarina Alenäs,
SVP Chromatography

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Nanologica is a Swedish nanotechnology company developing and manufacturing silica for purification by chromatography. 

Nanologica’s silica for preparative chromatography, NLAB Saga®, was developed with a clear goal in mind – to increase the availability of better and cheaper medicine to a larger number of patients across the world, for the betterment of mankind.

With outstanding lifetime and efficiency, NLAB Saga® can improve productivity and reduce production costs for the manufacturers. The aim is to reduce the cost of peptide and oligonucleotide-based medicines, such as insulin and other diabetes drugs, for the benefit of patients.

Nanologica NLAB Saga

NLAB Saga® is a perfectly spherical, fully porous silica that has been specifically developed to meet the strict requirements of industrial scale purification by chromatography.

It has a high available surface area and ligand density, with narrow pore size distribution. This, combined with controlled particle size distribution, results in a silica with a high loading capacity and low backpressure.

Due to its exceptional mechanical and chemical stability, NLAB Saga® is an excellent choice for the purification of peptides such as insulin, insulin analogues and GLP-1 analogues.

At our multi-ton production facility, we have full control of the manufacturing process in each step. This enables us to ensure a sustainable production of silica batches with excellent properties for the purification of peptides.

Nanologica’s proprietary manufacturing process, combined with dedicated and experienced technical support, makes NLAB Saga® an excellent choice for your purification needs – it is a new generation of silica.

We take great pride in the quality and performance of our products – they embody our core values:

Swedish Excellence in Nanoporous Silica.

Nanologica NLAB Saga