Nanologica is a Swedish nanotechnology company, world-leading in the development of nanoporous silica particles for purification by chromatography. Chromatography is a widely used technique for separating components in a mixture. We are active mainly in preparative chromatography, where we provide input goods to pharmaceutical manufacturers for purification of drugs during production.

Our mission is to increase the availability of cost-effective drugs, enabling more patients around the world access to vital treatments for diabetes and obesity. 

Nanologica’s products have been specially developed for the purification of peptide drugs, such as insulin and GLP-1 analogues,
and are produce according to a proprietary production method. Due to effective purification and a long lifetime for the products,
they can increase productivity and reduce costs for pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Nanologica operates in a global niche market that is growing as a result of an increased demand for drugs for treating diabetes and obesity.

The company is headquartered in Södertälje and Nanologica’s share (NICA) is listed for trading on Nasdaq Stockholm Main Market.

NLAB Saga®

NLAB Saga® is a perfectly spherical, fully porous silica with superior mechanical stability and exceptional
chemical stability at high and low pH, making it an
optimum choice for large scale purification of peptides.


Bulletin from the AGM in Nanologica

Nanologica AB (publ) today 16 May 2024 held its Annual General Meeting in Stockholm, at which the following resolutions were adopted. Adoption of the income statement and balance sheet, disposition of result The Annual General Meeting adopted the income statement and balance sheet for the company and the group in accordance with the presented accounting

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Listen to our team talk about Nlab Saga®

Play Video about Katarina Alenäs – SVP Chromatography

Interview with Katarina Alenäs,
SVP Chromatography

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Interview with Olga Krivosheeva, Ph.D.
Application Project Manager 

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Interview with Chunfang Zhou, Ph.D.
Sales Manager China

Nanologica is a public company listed for trade on Nasdaq Stockholm Main Market. For information regarding financial reports, press releases, presentations and share holder information, please visit our investor relations section.

Presentation of Nanologica

For more videos presentations of the company and of interim reports, please refer to Investor Relations.

Company presentation made by CEO Andreas Bhagwani in June, 2023.

Investor Pitch Deck September 2023.

Please contact us at ir@nanologica.com for more information.