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CEO Comment Q2 2024

We have now produced a number of consecutive large-scale batches within specifications which has enabled us to build up a stock of products for sale. We have also received our first slightly larger order for NLAB Saga® and we are now intensifying our sales efforts. It is very gratifying that the systematic work to further develop the large-scale production of our silica media NLAB Saga® has borne fruit – the plant now delivers significantly larger

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CEO Comment Q1 2024

The year has started both positively and negatively. On a positive note, we have started delivering chromatography media to customers and we achieved net sales of MSEK 5 in the first quarter. This is the company’s highest sales of chromatography products in a single quarter to date and in line with the expectations of a a sharp increase in sales of chromatography media in 2024. At the same time, the work of optimizing the production

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CEO Comment from Annual Report 2023

2023 has been marked by geopolitical tensions and macroeconomic uncertainty. Like most others, Nanologica has been affected by this and we have had to prioritize our resources. On the other hand, we operate in a market segment that is virtually insensitive to economic cycles. We expect a commercial breakthrough in the near future and have a clear growth strategy for how we can capitalize on the strong market growth that exists in drugs for the

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CEO Comment Q4 2023

CEO COMMENT During the last quarter of the year, Nanologica took clear steps forward. The production problems we have wrestled with during the year have now been handled and several deliveries to customers have been made. After rigorous testing of our silica-based purification media NLAB Saga®, we made a delivery in October to one of the world’s largest insulin manufacturers in Asia against an order we received in 2022. We have been determined to ensure

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CEO Comment Q3 2023

DELIVERY OF SILICA TO INSULIN MANUFACTURER IN ASIA We have now delivered silica against the order we received last year from one of the world’s largest insulin manufacturers in Asia. This means that we are taking a big step towards establishing ourselves as a recognized supplier of high-quality silica for the purification of peptides. The delivery has taken longer time than expected as we wanted to be certain that the silica we deliver has the

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CEO Comment Q2 2023

ONE MILESTONE PASSED – NOW WE LOOK FORWARD During the quarter, we reached an important milestone when we were finally able to approve our product in chromatography – NLAB Saga® – and after that make the first delivery to a customer who will use it in their production of insulin. The fine-tuning of the production that we implemented at the beginning of the year were successful, and on May 3 we were able to approve

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