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Nanologica receives order for purification media, MSEK 3.6 value

NANOLOGICA RECEIVES ORDER OF PURIFICATION MEDIA WORTH APPROX. MSEK 3.6 Nanologica expands its product portfolio of purification medias for preparative chromatography and has received a trial order worth approximately MSEK 3.6 from a customer in Asia. Product development of this purification media, NLAB Siv™, has been conducted together with a customer who has a number of launched pharmaceutical products. NLAB Siv™ is a non-silica-based purification media for preparative chromatography and manufacturing takes place at a

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Redeye Life Science Day 2023

Nanologica will participate in Redeye Life Science Day 2023. CEO Andreas Bhagwani will take part of an In Focus interview at 09.20. The interview will be broadcasted live on this link. For further information about the event and how to attend in person, please visit Redeyes event site.

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