The Share


Nanologicas share has been listed on Spotlight Stock Market since (30/10 2015) under the ticker (NICA) and is traded through banks and stockbrokers. The ISIN code is SE0005454873. The number of shares amounts to 22 159 262 with a quota value of approximately SEK 0.41 per piece.

The share is traded through banks and stockbrokers. The ticker is NICA and the ISIN code is SE 0005454873. After a right issue in March 2020, the number of shares amounted to 22 159 262 shares. The share capital totals SEK 9 085 913 and the quotient value of the share is SEK 0,41.

For more information and current stock price, please refer to Spotlight Stock Market.

List of the 10 largest shareholders as of May 13, 2020

OwnerSharesShare %
Flerie Invest AB8 982 63940,5
Vega Bianca AB2 115 1989,6
Försäkringsaktiebolaget Avanza Pension773 5533,5
Mikael Lönn681 7703,1
Rahal Investment AB612 5002,8
Konstakademien550 0362,5
CJ Hall Invest AB500 0002,3
Niklas Sjöblom432 7292,0
Nordnet Pensionsförsäkring AB277 5851,3
Jensen Invest AB220 6001,0
The ten largets share holders15 146 61068,6
Other share holders (1 971)7 012 65231,4
Total22 159 262100,0

The 10 largest share holders together own 68,6 percent of the shares. The CEO is the second largest share holder with a shareholding of 9,6 percent of the total shares, through the company Vega Bianca AB. The Board and Management of Nanologica own 10,2 percent of the company’s share. 

Changes in share capital

For more information and current share price, please refer to Spotlight Stock Market.