General Meetings

general meetings

Annual General Meeting 2024

Nanologica’s Annual General Meeting 2024 was held on 16 May 2024 at 12.00, at Redeye, Mäster Samuelsgatan 42 in Stockholm.

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Minutes from the AGM 2024 Nanologica AB (publ) (in Swedish)

Bulletin from the AGM 2024 Nanologica AB (publ)

Notice Convening the Annual General Meeting 2024, Nanologica AB (publ)

Proxy form, Nanologica AB

Styrelsens förslag till beslut om bemyndigande för emissioner

Styrelsens förslag till beslut om antagande av ny bolagsordning

Styrelsens förslag till beslut om minskat aktiekapital

Valberedningens motiverade yttrande

Revisorsyttrande enligt 8 kap. 54 § aktiebolagslagen


Extraordinary General Meeting 22 February 2024

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Bulletin from extraordinary general meeting Nanologica AB, 2024-02-22 (in Swedish)

Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting in Nanologica AB (publ)

Proxy Nanologica AB

Fullständiga förslag inför extra bolagsstämma 22 februari 2024 Nanologica AB

Styrelsens redogörelse över väsentliga händelser Nanologica AB

Styrelsens redogörelse enligt 20 kap 13 § ABL, Nanologica AB

Styrelsens kvittningsredogörelse enligt 13 kap 7 § ABL, Nanologica AB

Revisorsyttrande väsentliga händelser

Revisorsyttrande minskning av aktiekapital

Revisorsyttrande kvittning av lån


Latest minutes

Protokoll årsstämma 2024 Nanologica AB (publ) (in Swedish)
Protokoll årsstämma 2023 Nanologica AB (publ) (in Swedish)
Protokoll extra bolagsstämma 2022-09-15 Nanologica AB
Protokoll årsstämma 2022, Nanologica AB (publ)
Protokoll Extra Bolagsstämma 7 feb 2022 Nanologica AB (publ)
Protokoll från årsstämma 2021 Nanologica AB


About General Meetings

The general meeting is the company’s highest decision-making body. The annual general meeting must by law be held within six months of the end of the financial year.

At the annual general meeting, the income statement and balance sheet are presented and resolutions on issues such as appropriation of the company’s results, election of and fees to board members and auditors, guidelines for remuneration to the CEO and other senior executives, discharge from liability for the board of directors and the CEO for the past year, how the nomination committee shall be appointed, and other matters received by the annual general meeting in accordance with the law.

Notice to attend general meetings
The notice to attend the annual general meeting or any extraordinary general meeting dealing with amendments to the articles of association will be issued not earlier than six and not later than four weeks prior to the meeting. The notice to attend any other general meeting will be issued not earlier than six and not later than three weeks prior to the meeting. The notice to attend will be made through advertisement in Post och Inrikes Tidningar and on the company’s website. It shall be advertised in Svenska Dagbladet that the notice to attend has been published.

Right to attend general meetings
Shareholders that are recorded in the shareholder register administered by Euroclear on behalf of Nanologica five weekdays prior to the meeting, and that have notified the company of their participation according to the specifications in the notice to attend the meeting, have the right to participate in, and vote at, the annual general meeting. Shareholders may participate in person or be represented by proxy. 

Initiatives from shareholders
Shareholders that wish to put forward a matter for consideration by the general meeting must submit a written request to the board. Any such request must normally be received by the board not later than the 31st of January, the year of the meeting.


Bullentins from previous general meetings

Bulletin from the AGM 2023 Nanologica AB (publ)
Bulletin from the Annual General Meeting of Nanologica AB (publ) 2022
Kommuniké från årsstämman den 27 maj 2021 Nanologica AB (publ)
Kommuniké från årsstämma den 28 maj 2020 Nanologica AB
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Kommuniké från årsstämma den 29 maj 2019 Nanologica AB
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