Care and Use

Care and Use of SVEA® columns

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The general Care and Use of SVEA HPLC Columns guideline is provided together with the test chromatogram for all columns. Please follow the instructions for proper use and maintenance to get the most of your columns.  Regular use of all products requires correct care and maintenance to obtain maximum productivity. However, it is strongly recommended that appropriate cleaning and regeneration protocols are tested for each individual process.


Care and Use SVEA HPLC Columns (English)

SVEA™ 超高液相和液相色谱柱使用指南 (Chinese)


Storage Recommendations

For information on storage of the columns, please refer to the test chromatogram provided with each column.

Long-term storage of silica based, bonded phase columns should be in an organic solvent. If the column has previously been used with a buffered mobile phase, the buffer should first be removed by clearing the column with 20 to 30 column volumes of a 50:50 mixture of methanol or acetonitrile and water, followed by 20 to 30 column volumes of the pure solvent. Before storing, end-fittings should be tightly capped with end-plugs to prevent packing from drying out. Columns may be safely stored for short periods in most mobile phases. To protect equipment, it is desirable to remove salts from the instrument and column by clearing it with the same mobile phase without the buffer (e.g. using 60:40 CAN/water to remove 60:40 CAN/0.02 M phosphate buffered mobile phase). Re-equilibration is rapid with the original mobile phase when using this method and danger of corrosion from the salts is minimized.