Bulletin from the Extraordinary General Meeting of Nanologica AB (publ)

Nanologica AB (publ) held an extraordinary general meeting, where the following resolutions were passed.

Resolution regarding approval of the board of directors’ resolution to issue shares with preferential rights for existing shareholders

In accordance with previously announced information, the board of directors on August 23, 2022, resolved to issue new shares with preferential rights for the shareholders, subject to the extraordinary general meeting’s subsequent approval. The general meeting resolved, with the required majority, to approve the board of directors’ resolution to issue a maximum of 9,388,608 shares.

The total increase of the company’s share capital can amount to a maximum of SEK 3,849,590.161381 by an issue of maximum 9,388,608 shares. The subscription price for the new shares in the rights issue shall be SEK 10 per share. Subscription for new shares based on subscription rights shall be made through payment in cash during the period from September 21, 2022 until and including October 5, 2022.

The new shares entitle to dividends for the first time on the first record date for dividend that take place after the issue of new shares has been registered with the Swedish Companies Registration Office and been recorded in the share register kept by Euroclear Sweden AB.


Resolution to approve subscription and underwriting commitment (related party transaction)

The general meeting resolved, in accordance with the board of directors’ proposal, to approve the subscription and underwriting commitment with Flerie Invest AB (the “Agreement”). Flerie Invest AB is owned by the company’s board member Thomas Eldered.

In accordance with the company’s press release on August 23, 2022, the company entered into the Agreement with Flerie Invest AB on August 22, 2022. According to the Agreement, Flerie Invest AB undertakes, on the one hand, to subscribe for all shares in the company to which Flerie Invest AB has preferential rights as a shareholder, and on the other hand, to underwrite the rights issue up to a subscription rate of 85 percent, at the request of the company.

No remuneration is paid for the subscription commitment. The underwriting commitment corresponds to a guaranteed amount of approximately MSEK 35.1. For the underwriting commitment, a compensation of 4.0 percent of the underwritten amount is paid, which corresponds to approximately MSEK 1.4. The compensation shall be paid in cash. No compensation is paid in the event that the rights issue is not completed.

Thomas Eldered has not participated in the board of directors’ proceedings and resolutions regarding matters relating to the Agreement.


For further information, please contact:
Johanna Johansson, Director IR, Communications and Marketing
Ph: +46 72 211 21 90 or e-mail: ir@nanologica.com


About Nanologica AB (publ)
Nanologica manufactures, develops, and sells nanoporous silica particles for applications within life science. Nanologica is world-leading in controlling the shape, size, porosity, and surface properties of silica particles, creating opportunities to develop unique products. Through the two business areas, Drug Development and Chromatography, the company strives towards increasing the accessibility of medicines and innovative treatments in healthcare, for the benefit of patients around the world. In Chromatography, the company aims to make insulin and other peptide drugs available to more patients in need, by lowering the cost of manufacturing. In Drug Development, Nanologica develops a unique drug delivery platform for local delivery of drugs to the lung, to provide new treatment options for patients with lung diseases. Nanologica is headquartered in Södertälje, and the company’s share (NICA) is listed for trade on Nasdaq Stockholm Main Market since 29 mars, 2022. For further information, please visit www.nanologica.com.


2022-09-15 Bulletin from the Extraordinary General Meeting of Nanologica AB (publ)

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