Nanologica Recruits Chief Scientific Officer

Nanologica has recruited Gary Pitcairn as Chief Scientific Officer as part of the strategy to increase the focus on inhalation and respiratory diseases, as well as to accelerate the development of the company’s technology platform for inhalation, NLAB Spiro®.

Nanologica is exploring new possibilities within inhalation and respiratory diseases and has recruited Gary Pitcairn as the company’s first Chief Scientific Officer. Gary, who during 2021 has been one of Nanologica’s scientific advisors for inhalation, will take up the role as CSO and join the management team from August 23. The role includes leading the research and development of Nanologica’s silica particles for drug delivery, as well as the scientific and technological development of the NLAB Spiro® platform, and the identification of compounds for development pipeline. Nanologica’s current CTO Adam Feiler will, during the autumn, leave his position as CTO at Nanologica and will continue as a senior advisor to the company.

We see great potential in our inhalation platform NLAB Spiro®, even though we are still at an early stage. Gary’s extensive experience and knowledge of inhaled drugs and inhalation technologies, together with the recruitment of Ulf Ericsson as VP Drug Development and Adam Feiler as senior advisor, means that we are now building an extremely strong team for taking the platform forward. Our vision is to develop the next generation drug carrier for inhaled formulations and thereby be able to offer new treatments for patients with lung related diseases. The recruitment of Gary is a major step in the direction towards achieving this“, says Andreas Bhagwani, CEO Nanologica.

I am excited to be taking on the role of CSO at Nanologica and working with the experienced team on the development of NLAB Spiro®, which has great potential to impact inhaled drug delivery.  I have worked closely with Nanologica this year and see this new role as a great opportunity to help move Nanologica’s technology towards commercialization, for the benefit of patients”, says Gary Pitcairn, incoming CSO Nanologica.

Gary Pitcairn is a recognized global expert in inhaled drug delivery, with extensive experience in inhalation devices (DPI, pMDI and nebulizer) as well as product development, from preclinical to late phase. Gary Pitcairn is also an experienced senior leader with a strong track record of leading global interdisciplinary teams at Pfizer, Mylan and most recently AstraZeneca.


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About Nanologica AB (publ)

Nanologica manufactures, develops, and sells nanoporous silica particles for applications within life science. Nanologica is world-leading in controlling the shape, size, porosity, and surface characteristics of silica particles. Through the two business areas, Drug Development and Chromatography, the company strives towards increasing the accessibility for innovative treatments and medicines in healthcare, for the betterment of mankind. In Drug Development, the company is committed to leverage its technology platform to solve medical problems in order to provide new treatments for patients with severe lung diseases. In Chromatography, the aim is to make insulin available to more patients in need by reducing the production cost for manufacturers. Nanologica operates from the headquarters in Södertälje, Sweden and Nanologica’s stock (NICA) is listed on Spotlight Stock Market. For further information, please visit

About NLAB Spiro®

NLAB Spiro® is Nanologica’s technology platform for inhalation. The platform is constituted of biologically degradable nanoporous silica particles that can be loaded with APIs inside the pores of the particles. The particles are spherical, non-aggregating and appears as a free-flowing powder. The aerodynamical properties are tailored for inhalation and the particle size ranges between 2 µm and 5 µm, which means they can reach a desired part of the lung – the smaller the particle, the deeper into the lung it can reach. Once reaching the lung, the API is released giving a treatment effect locally. NLAB Spiro® can improve solubility and/or the bioavailability of an API, protect an API from degradation, provide a controlled release profile, and enable local treatment with lowered systemic effects, which creates new treatment options for lung diseases.

2021-08-19 Nanologica Recruits Chief Scientific Officer

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