Nanologica Engages Per Möller as Scientific Advisor within Preparative Chromatography

Nanologica AB has engaged Per Möller, a distinguished scientist with industrial experience, for the purpose of having a qualified advisor for strategic and tactical issues regarding Nanologica’s business field of preparative chromatography.

Per Möller has a background as an organic chemist in the lab of Nobel Prize laureate Arvid Carlsson. He has more than 35 years’ experience from the chromatography area including the chromatographic resin business, drug discovery, scaling-up and GMP production of biological pharmaceuticals. Since 2007, Per Möller works as a Process Developer at PolyPeptide Group, world leading in the production of peptides, and has before that worked as R&D and Application Manager at Kromasil and as Head of Preparative Chromatography at AstraZeneca.

Per Möller’s knowledge and experience will be used for developing Nanologica’s strategical and tactical approach within preparative chromatography, thus improving the Company’s possibility for growth within the field over time. Nanologica assesses the strategical dimension Per Möller contributes with, will be valuable for the Company’s customers.

We are excited about having engaged Per Möller as scientific advisor. We have worked closely to Per during quite some time and are certain that his knowledge, experience and vast network will be very valuable in the expansion of our business within preparative chromatography”, says Andreas Bhagwani, CEO of Nanologica.


For further information, please contact:

Johanna Johansson, IR Nanologica
Ph: +46 72 211 21 90 or e-mail:

About Nanologica AB (publ)
Nanologica was founded in 2004 and is a nanotechnology company developing nanoporous silica particles for applications within life science. Nanologica is world-leading in controlling the shape, size, and type of porosity of silica particles. This knowledge is applied within drug development and chromatography (a separation technique used in drug development and drug production). The company’s mission is to contribute to better and cheaper treatments for patients worldwide through the technology platform NLAB Silica™. Nanologica’s stock (NICA) is listed on Spotlight Stock Market. For further information, please visit

Nanologica Engages Per Möller as Scientific Advisor within Preparative Chromatography

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