Nanologica to Attend Conferences in Preparative Chromatography

Nanologica will be attending several chromatography conferences during the spring in connection to the launch of the company’s silica for preparative chromatography, NLAB Saga®.

The road show starts on April 7 at Purify’22 Chromatography Purification Conclave in Hyderabad, India, where Nanologica’s CEO Andreas Bhagwani will give the inaugural address on Pharmaceutical Megatrends and the Fundamental Impact of Chromatography, and where Nanologica’s SVP Chromatography Katarina Alenäs will give a talk on New Generation Silica for Peptide Purification.

In May, the company will attend two conferences in the USA:
TIDES USA: Oligonucleotides and Peptide Therapeutics in Boston during May 9-12, and
PREP2022 – Preparative and Process Chromatography Symposium in Baltimore during May 15-18.

Nanologica is about to launch a world-class product within preparative chromatography that will cut costs for insulin and peptide manufacturers, enabling treatment for more diabetes patients. With a highly qualified team of chromatography specialists and large-scale production of silica soon in place, we are now ready to step up the business to completely new levels. It is with great pleasure and excitement we will attend these conferences as part of launching our products for preparative chromatography”, Nanologica’s CEO Andreas Bhagwani comments.

Further conferences during the spring are in planning, but are not yet confirmed. For a continuosly updated conference schedule, please visit Nanologica’s calendar.


To schedule a meeting or receive further information, please contact:

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