Nanologica and Teva enter into a Feasibility Study Agreement

Nanologica to perform a feasibility study for Teva Pharmaceuticals on the development of a customized drug delivery system.

Nanologica has today announced that it enters into a Feasibility Study Agreement with Teva. Under the agreement, Nanologica will develop a customized drug delivery system for an undisclosed drug to improve chemical characteristics of the drug for increased drug uptake into the patient’s body. The scope of the project is a perfect match to Nanologica’s technology and key knowledge on how to use nanoporous silica as drug carriers for oral administration.

”With Nanologica’s proprietary technology we can contribute to better drug formulations and find solutions for common problems of pharma companies. One such problem is poor solubility of drugs – which affects 70% of all drugs in development. Nanologica offers solutions to this problem that can easily be applied in the clinic.”, says Nanologica’s CEO Andreas Bhagwani.

During the feasibility study, Nanologica will evaluate the benefits of the NLAB technology in combination with a drug with a well-defined therapeutic application. The study will be fully financed by Teva.

“We have successfully performed similar feasibility studies before, so we are confident to deliver great results. Teva is the largest generic drug producer in the world and is looking for robust technologies that can be applied to a range of drugs. We are excited about this project.”, says Andreas Bhagwani.

Nanologica’s drug delivery technology can be applied to both new and generic drugs. Different types of drugs can be associated with different challenges that can be addressed by the NLAB technology. Nanologica offers feasibility studies as a fee-for-service to demonstrate the benefits of the NLAB technology in various scenarios. If the outcome is successful there is a chance that the NLAB carrier will be developed for clinical use as part of the final drug formulation.

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Andreas Bhagwani, CEO of Nanologica
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About Nanologica
Nanologica develops nanoporous silica for applications in life science. The company focuses on two business areas: drug delivery and chromatography, a technology used for the separation and purification of products on the market and in development. Nanologica’s core competency is to apply its unique know-how in the field of material science for developing nanoporous silica particles with unique characteristics. Based in Södertälje, Sweden, Nanologica has 19 employees from ten nationalities of which ten are PhDs. For more information, please visit