SVEA® HPLC Columns

Analytical chromatography – SVEA® columns

Nanologica offers best-in-class HPLC analytical columns that provide excellent chromatographic performance with sharp peak shapes and robust performance under extreme pH conditions (<1 and > 10 respectively).

The unique surface chemistry and controlled particle properties of Nanologica’s proprietary silica result in low back pressures and high plate numbers. With an exceptionally strong silica backbone, SVEA® columns offer long life cycles and the SVEA® columns gives excellent selectivity across a wide range of chemistry needs.

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Nanologica has been producing, modifying and coating silica for several years.  Modern technology and demanding quality control is deployed at each step of  the manufacturing process to ensure highest possible product performance. The  extensive experience and knowledge in silica chemistry, along with internal control of the entire value chain, guarantees exceptional quality and excellent batch to batch reproducibility.

Nanologica manufactures spherical porous silica particles with controlled pore size,  particle size, and particle size distribution, resulting in excellent chromatographic properties. The Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) image below shows perfect spherical shapes and narrow particle size distribution with no fines or crushed particles. The magnified image shows perfectly smooth silica surfaces with no  irregularities.

Nanologica offers a range of phases with different and complementary chromatographic properties. The functionalisation is performed using proprietary  production protocols to produce densely functionalised and end-capped silica  particles with low residual silanol activity. The coated silica particles exhibit excellent chromatographic performance and outstanding chemical stability.

Different kinds of functionalisation offer different interaction mechanisms between  the stationary phase and analytes, to fit a wide range of applications. The figure  below is a guideline for reverse phase chromatography, for choosing the right type of bonded phase depending on the interaction between the analyte and the stationary phase.

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