Preparative Chromatography

Preparative chromatography

Nanologica’s core competency lies in developing nanoporous silica. NLAB Saga™ has been specifically developed to meet the expectations of industrial scale purification by chromatography. 

The large surface area and high pore volume of the NLAB Saga™ combined with controlled particle size and particle distribution result in a robust and reliable product with stellar performance. The NLAB Saga™ silica has high loading capacity, high chemical stability and low backpressure, well suited for preparative use and is easy to pack.  

Properties of NLAB Saga™

  • Perfectly spherical, fully porous silica
  • Tightly controlled particle size
  • High purity silica – very low metal content
  • High carbon content
  • Exceptional chemical stability at high and low pH
  • High loading

In large scale purification of proteins and peptides there will be depositions in the packing material. To avoid time consuming packing and unpacking of the columns it is important to run cleaning in process, usually performed at a very high pH. Such conditions are harsh for the silica, hence it is of great importance that the silica survive under these conditions in order to have a long lasting product. Comparison of NLAB Saga™ to competitors in terms of alkaline stability shows that NLAB Saga™ withstands the harsh experimental conditions and performs consistently well – comparable with the market leader and well ahead of other competitors

Nanologica has full control of the entire manufacturing process, from raw material to finished product. NLAB Saga™ has been tested and used by pharmaceutical companies worldwide manufacturing APIs at industrial scale where quality, performance and durability are uncompromisable. 

The NLAB Saga™ silica for preparative chromatography is produced at the contract manufacturer Sterling Pharma Solutions in the UK, using Nanologica’s technology, in order to provide the large volumes of silica required for preparative chromatography.

NLAB Saga™ is available in a variety of particles sizes ranging from 1.7 to 15 µm.


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