Nouryon Nordic prize winner Dr Sabrina Valetti

Nanologica proudly acknowledges Dr Sabrina Valetti as recipient of the Nouryon Nordic prize for her research Mesoporous silica particles for enhanced and controlled drug release in severe bacterial infection. The Nouryon Nordic Prize acknowledges outstanding research in physical chemistry and colloid science.

 Dr Valetti conducted her research on mesoporous silica particles at Nanologica AB during 2014-2016, as recipient of the prestigious Marie Curie Post Doc fellowship. Together with her supervisor Adj. Prof Adam Feiler, CTO Nanologica, the work focused on improving drug bioavailability through formulation using mesoporous silica particles (porous particles with pores in the nanometre size range). Encapsulation of drugs into the porous silica particles enhances their solubility and leads to better uptake.

Today, as many antibiotics become ineffective through over-use, there is a critical need to improve efficacy and prevent bacteria resistance. The use of mesoporous silica particles for formulation of antibiotics has the potential to extend the application of existing drugs by overcoming the challenges of resistance strains of bacteria as well as paving the way for new formulations of emerging antibiotics”, says Nanologica’s CTO Adj. Professor Adam Feiler.

The award is presented at the Symposium on Surface Chemistry and Materials Science in Malmö on October 24.

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