NLAB Spiro™

NLAB Spiro™

Nanologica develops nanoporous particles tailored for pulmonary drug delivery. The particles are spherical in the size range of 2 µm to 5 µm with narrow particle size distribution, to best reach the desired target site in the lung. The particles are non-aggregating, carry a high drug load, and offer a controlled and sustained release profile.  The particles are soluble in simulated lung fluid. 

Nanologica’s proprietary NLAB Spiro™ particles solves problems in pharmaceutical formulations by improving solubility, enhancing bioavailability and protecting APIs from degradation. 

Picture: When the API is loaded into NLAB Spiro™ particles the bioavailability increased dramatically compared to the commercial formulation of the API. 


If you would like to know more about Nanologica’s drug delivery technology, please contact Adam Feiler, CTO


For more information:

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NLAB Spiro™ – Pulmonary Delivery

Benefit of NLAB Spiro™

• Enhancing dissolution kinetics of poorly soluble compounds
• Controlling release kinetics
• Improving bioavailability
• Stabilizing amorphous form
• Improving handling of APIs
• Applicable for a broad range of API

NLAB Spiro™

• Spherical particles
• 2 to 5 µm
• Tuneable particle and pore size
• High loading up to 50%
• Free-flowing powder