NLAB Silica™

NLAB Silica™

NLAB Silica™ is Nanologica’s technology platform for drug delivery.

If you would like to know more about Nanologica’s drug delivery technology, please contact Adam Feiler, CTO


NLAB Silica – Nanologica’s Technology Platform for Drug Delivery

NLAB Silica – Pulmonary Delivery

Benefit of NLAB Silica™

• Enhancing dissolution kinetics of poorly soluble compounds
• Controlling release kinetics
• Improving bioavailability
• Stabilizing amorphous form
• Improving handling of APIs
• Applicable for a broad range of APIs

NLAB Silica™

• Nanoporous amorphous silica
• GRAS approved excipient
• Tuneable particle and pore size
• High loading up to 50%50%
• Free-flowing powder