NLAB Silica™

NLAB Silica™

Nanologica’s patented technology platform, NLAB Silica™, enables the use of mesoporous silica for tailor-made drug delivery systems for enhanced bioavailability and controlled release. The technology has been applied to many projects in both research and commercial collaborations, validating Nanologica’s concepts of how silica-based drug delivery systems can add value to the pharmaceutical product.


If you would like to know more about Nanologica’s drug delivery technology, please contact Adam Feiler, CTO


For more information:

NLAB Silica – Nanologica’s Technology Platform for Drug Delivery

NLAB Silica – Pulmonary Delivery

Benefit of NLAB Silica™

• Enhancing dissolution kinetics of poorly soluble compounds
• Controlling release kinetics
• Improving bioavailability
• Stabilizing amorphous form
• Improving handling of APIs
• Applicable for a broad range of APIs

NLAB Silica™

• Nanoporous amorphous silica
• GRAS approved excipient
• Tuneable particle and pore size
• High loading up to 50%50%
• Free-flowing powder