Nanologica and AstraZeneca joint evaluation project

Nanologica and AstraZeneca have entered into an agreement for the evaluation of Nanologica’s pending patented technology, applied to AstraZeneca materials.

The purpose of the project is to evaluate if Nanologica’s platform can improve the formulation of an API. The collaboration includes both in vitro and pre-clinical in vivo studies.

The partnership project is an evaluation project lasting for one year, worth MSEK 1,5.

” This cooperation is a fine example of the potential our technology platform has and how it can contribute to more effective medicines being developed. The project is derived from a previously successful initial in vitro evaluation we did together with AstraZeneca and we very much look forward in continuing the collaboration”, says Nanologica’s CEO Andreas Bhagwani.

Such projects may be the starting point for a long-term collaboration but may also be limited to the initial scope and timeframe. In parallel, Nanologica continues to work with own projects as well as with other commercial projects within the field and is continuously evaluating new project proposals with the aim of identifying possibilities for applying and commercializing its technology platform.


For further information, please contact:

Andreas Bhagwani, CEO of Nanologica
phone: +46 70 316 17 02 or e-mail:

About Nanologica
Nanologica develops nanoporous silica for applications in life science. The company focuses on two business areas: drug delivery and chromatography, a technology used for the separation and purification of products on the market and in development. Nanologica’s core competency is to apply its unique know-how in the field of material science for developing nanoporous silica particles with unique characteristics. The company’s stock is traded on Spotlight Stock Market under the short name NICA. For more information, please visit

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