Nanologica’s Nomination Committee Proposes Thomas Eldered as New Board Member of Nanologica AB

Thomas Eldered, who recently left his position as CEO of Recipharm and who is Nanologica’s largest shareholder, is proposed as new member of the Board of Directors to be elected at the Annual General Meeting on May 27.

Thomas Eldered holds a M.Sc. in Industrial and Management Engineering from Linköping Institute of Technology and is the co-founder of Recipharm AB, where he was also the CEO from 2008–2021. Before that, Thomas was the Vice President of Recip AB 1995–2007.

The Nomination Committee is in addition proposing re-election of Gisela Sitbon, Mattias Bengtsson, Eva Byröd, Tomas Kramar, Anders Rabbe and Lena Torlegård. Gisela Sitbon is proposed to continue as Chairman of the Board.

Nanologica’s Nomination Committee before the Annual General Meeting 2021 consists of representatives of the Company’s three largest shareholders. The Nomination Committee has the following members:

  • Thomas Eldered (Flerie Invest AB) – Chairman of the Nomination Committee
  • Mattias Häggblom (Swedbank Robur Medica)
  • Nina Rawal (Vega Bianca AB)

Though there are no formal obstacles for a member of the Nomination Committee to take part of a decision where the member in question is proposed as board member, Thomas Eldered has chosen to not take part of the Nomination Committee’s work regarding his nomination. He informed the Nomination Committee of this at the same time as he announced he was available for election as member of the board.

We are delighted that Thomas Eldered has been proposed as a new member of the Board of Nanologica. With his extensive experience from the life science industry, I am convinced that Thomas will make a strong contribution to Nanologica’s continued development and growth,” says Gisela Sitbon, Chairman of the Board of Nanologica.

The Nomination Committee’s other resolutions and its statement will be published in conjunction with the notice to the Annual General Meeting.

Nanologica’s Annual General Meeting 2021 will be held on Thursday May 27, 2021. Notice will be published on the Company’s website no later than April 29, 2021. Due to the extraordinary situation as a result of Covid-19, the Annual General Meeting will be carried out through advance voting (postal voting), in accordance with temporary legislation being in effect in 2021. More information will be issued in the notice.


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