Nanologica Receives Order of Purification Media Worth Approx. MSEK 3.6

Nanologica expands its product portfolio of purification medias for preparative chromatography and has received a trial order worth approximately MSEK 3.6 from a customer in Asia.

Product development of this purification media, NLAB Siv™, has been conducted together with a customer who has a number of launched pharmaceutical products. NLAB Siv™ is a non-silica-based purification media for preparative chromatography and manufacturing takes place at a manufacturing partner. Development has been ongoing with the customer for several years and evaluation of smaller quantities has been made during this period. The customer will now test the product in its production, after which additional orders may be received.
Our mission is to reduce costs for pharmaceutical producers. We work continuously with method development and application support, but also with developing new products and supplementing our product portfolio with products that can benefit our customers. We are now very pleased to having received our first sample order for this product, although it is not unlikely that further joint product development will be conducted”, Nanologica’s CEO Andreas Bhagwani comments.

Nanologica's main focus will continue to be silica-based products for preparative chromatography, but the company will continuously evaluate additional potential products within chromatography, with the view of broadening the offer to customers and expanding the company's addressable market.