Nanologica Delivers Silica to Insulin Manufacturer for Evaluation in Production

Nanologica delivers silica to an insulin manufacturer in Asia against an order received last year. The delivery consisists of silica for evaluation in full-scale production.

The delivery is made against an order that was placed last year and Nanologica will provide the silica free of charge in return for being provided with results and insights into the final evaluation. The customer, which is one of the world's largest insulin manufacturers, finances all other costs for full-scale production evaluation. In the event of a positive outcome, Nanologica expects negotiations on deliveries over a long period of time and starting within one year.
We have been in dialogue with this customer for a long time regarding how they can reduce their costs for the production of insulin and other diabetes drugs. We can now finally deliver a silica that we are satisfied with in the requested quantity so that they can evaluate it in full-scale production, which is the final evaluation step for us to qualify as a supplier”, Nanologica’s CEO Andreas Bhagwani comments.

A number of customers have successfully evaluated Nanologica's silica for preparative chromatography, NLAB Saga®, on a smaller scale. Last year, the company took several orders for large-scale evaluation.
”The orders we have taken so far consist of a few different product types. The delivery that is now made is one type of product, but we will gradually deliver other product types as well. This means that we are taking a big step forward on our way to gradually establishing ourselves as a recognized supplier of high-quality silica for the purification of peptides”, fortsätter Andreas Bhagwani.