Drug Development

Business Area Drug Development

The business area Drug Development is currently down-prioritized and the development within Nanologica’s inhalation venture is held back.

For further information regarding our unique drug delivery platform for inhaled formulations, please contact CEO Andreas Bhagwani at  andreas.bhagwani@nanologica.com.

Dissolution of API loaded into NLAB Silica™

In drug development, Nanologica has focused on inhaled drugs and respiratory diseases, where the company has developed a drug delivery platform. The technology is based on APIs (active pharmaceutical ingredients) being placed inside the pores of nanoporous amorphous silica particles, NAPs™, which act as carrier particles to deliver the API to the lung. Formulation with NAP™ takes aim at improving the solubility and bioavailability of APIs and protect substances from degradation. The drug loaded particles can then be formulated as a powder for inhalation and are aerosolized from commercially available dry powder inhalers. After the API is released into the lung, the carrier particles shall be dissolved and eliminated.

Nanologica’s drug delivery technology  is tailormade for  inhalation. The size of the nanoporous microspheres is between 2 to 5 µm and tailored to reach the desired part of the lung – the smaller particles, the further into the lung the particle containing the API can reach.