Drug Development

Business Area Drug Development

Nanologica focuses its Drug Development business on inhaled drugs and respiratory diseases. The company’s platform technology for drug delivery is being developed both in internal projects and together with pharmaceutical partners, to reformulate active pharmaceutical ingredients, APIs, that in current formulations do not provide optimal treatment for patients. By reformulating clinically proven APIs into inhaled formulations, Nanologica may significantly improve patients’ quality of life and/or enable local treatment to the lung where today only systemic treatment is available. The goal is to provide a platform technology that enables improved or completely new treatments for patients with severe lung diseases.


Nanologica’s drug delivery technology is based on NPPs (nanoporous particles) that are micrometer sized silica particles containing thousands of nanometer sized pores, inside which most APIs can be placed. In this way the API is protected inside the silica particle and two of the most common issues in drug delivery – poor solubility and instable molecules – may thus be addressed, with an enhanced bioavailability as a result.


Dissolution of API loaded into NLAB Silica™

Nanologica’s drug delivery technology  is tailormade for  inhalation. The size of the nanoporous microspheres is between 2 to 5 µm and tailored to reach the desired part of the lung – the smaller particles, the further into the lung the particle containing the API can reach.  

Nanologica’s business model includes licensing agreements/ technology transfer, feasibility studies, fee for service contracts as well as development of own assets.