SVEA C18 Plus

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SVEA C18 Plus is coated with a proprietary bonding technology, which ensures a fully covered silica surface. The column material is thereby protected against hydrolysis of the ligands at low pH and silica dissolution at high pH. Furthermore, the complete coating will give only hydrophobic interactions, which will give unparalleled peak shape for all types of analytes. The proprietary bonding technology binds the ligands strongly, providing exceptionally low bleeding.

Silica Type B Silica
Particle Size 2.6, 3.5, 5 µm
Surface Area 300 m2/g
Pore Size 110 Å
Pore Volume 0.9 mL/g
Carbon Pore 19%
Ligand Density 3.7 µmol/m2
Bonded Phase Octadecyl silane
End-Capping Yes
USP Code L1
pH Range 1-10