Management & Team


Andreas Bhagwani

CEO since 2011

Education and training: MBA from
Stockholm School of Economics, studies in agronomy at the Swedish University of
Agricultural Sciences in Uppsala
Main experience: Andreas is co-founder of several companies, the most recent being Sigrid Therapeutics AB (obesity therapy) and Atrogi AB (diabetes). Andreas has worked as a management consultant for more than 10 years, specializing in sales and leadership. In addition to the above
companies, he is a co-founder of Kichisaga Leadership (management consultancy) and GenderTimer (cell phone app).
Other assignments: Board member and owner of Vega Bianca AB, deputy board member and co-owner of Kichisaga Leadership AB, as well as co-owner of Atrogi AB and Mailendar AB

Holds 319,310 shares through the company Vega Bianca AB and stock options
entitling to 53,422 shares.

Stina Elofsson

CFO since 2014

Education and training: Degree of Master of Science in Business Administration and
Economics from Stockholm University
Main experience: Stina brings to Nanologica ten years’ experience in finance, accounting, reporting and analysis from, among others, an international, fast-growing and entrepreneurial organization and a start-up company in the banking and finance sector. She also has several years’ experience from large international pharmaceutical companies.

Holds stock options entitling to 19,372 shares.

Adam Feiler

CTO since 2012 &
Head of Drug Delivery since 2015

Education and training: Doctorate in
physical chemistry from The Ian Wark
Research Institute at the University of South Australia in Adelaide, Australia
Main experience: Adam has over 15 years’ academic research experience in the area of nanoparticles, biomaterials and medical implants as well as a broad range of analytical methodologies including various
microscopy and spectroscopy techniques. He also has five years’ industrial experience from the Institute for Surface Chemistry (currently SP Chemistry, Materials and
Surfaces) as head of research and business manager in charge of managing contract research serving the food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry.
Other assignments: Adam serves as scientific advisor to Sigrid Therapeutics and to SwedNanoTech. He is also adjunct professor at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm.

Holds 1,000 shares and stock options entitling to 19,372 shares.

Nina Lanner

COO since 2016

Education and training: Master of Science in Chemical Engineering from Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg
Main experience: Nina has more than 15 years’ experience from pharmaceutical
production, mainly within production
management and efficiency (Lean) but also as a project manager for capital projects as well as technology transfer projects. She also has 5 years’ experience from petrochemical production and many years’ experience from large international companies.

Holds stock options entitling to 9,817 shares.



5 Ramon Illa Argudin

Ramon Illa Argudin

Scientist, Chromatography


Nerea Arriaga

Scientist, Drug Delivery

Kristian Bengtsson

Technical Operator, Chromatography

Janne Blid

Principal Scientist, Chromatography

Richard Havam

Technical Operator, Chromatography

Carita Jagenheim

Projects / Accounting

7 Olga Krivosheeva

Olga Krivosheeva

Senior Scientist, Chromatography

8 Hanoi Labrador

Hanoi Labrador

Currently on paternity leave

9 Moa Lihammar

Moa Lihammar

IP, QA & Project Coordinator

Dragana Mihajlovic

Technical Operator, Chromatography

10 Erik Nilsson

Erik Nilsson

Senior Scientist, Chromatography

Hanna-Maria Nordlander

Business Originator, Chromatography

11 Paulina Paszkiewicz

Paulina Paszkiewicz

Business Developer, Drug Delivery

Anna Rahmqvist

Quality Assurance Manager


René Rüede

Vice President Sales

17 Xin Xia

Xin Xia

Scientist, Drug Delivery

16 Chunfang Zhou

Chunfang Zhou

Lead Scientist, Drug Delivery