Nanologica has thus far carried out twelve feasibility studies together with pharmaceutical companies. For such projects, Nanologica receives remuneration which is intended to meet the costs of the company’s work in this stage. If, after evaluation, the pharmaceutical company decides to take the project into clinical studies, the remuneration to Nanologica becomes substantially greater and is expected to greatly exceed the costs for the company’s work in this stage


NLAB Silica™

Nanologica’s porous amorphous silica encapsulates compounds to enhance solubility and efficacy in novel pharmaceutical formulations.

NLAB Silica Technology


Nanologica successfully collaborates with partners from early stage research towards final development projects as technology provider

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Business model

Nanologica’s guiding principle is to be relevant to patients. For a drug delivery company, there are two ways to do this: develop your own drug or collaborate with existing pharmaceutical companies.

Business Model